Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions


    • How does the BitFundZa Peer to Peer Program work?

      As an affiliate you have a referral tree [downline and upline] based on a forced matrix model. It is a 3X5 forced matrix [which means you start with 3 direct team members on your first level and it goes 5 levels deep].

      If you refer more than 3 direct members, they spillover to your downline and that is powerful. Team work, makes the Dream Work. Each member receives Bitcoin directly from the direct members in their downline.

      All Bitcoin is sent member to member and BitFundZa does not charge any extra fees to the members, all package upgrades are paid to a member in your upline.

    • How do I join BitFundZa?

      It is a simple process, where you ask the person or organization that invited you for their unique BitFundZa Link, that will take you to the sign-up page.

      You will need to have an email address. (We recommend using Gmail.) You will need a Wallet account, we work with, because their Bitcoin Hash ID Verification API is powerful and we also ask that you add your Facebook account, so we can stay in touch and contact you about updates. We have an official Facebook page, to support our global members.

    • How do I make a payment in BitFundZa?

      We are entirely Bitcoin driven. Upgrades are sent directly from your personal Wallet to your sponsor's wallet.

      Upon completion of your payment, you are required to provide the HASH ID of this transaction, in your BitFundZa Backoffice, which is your receipt and proof of it being completed. Every transaction is recorded on the official Bitcoin Blockchain, therefore the security and reliability of the Bitcoin

      Blockchain is best fitted for BitFundza and our global members.

    • Where do I open a Blockchain Bitcoin wallet?

    • Is BitFundZa available worldwide?

      Yes, it is and all you need is an Internet Connection and Bitcoin wallet.

    • Are there any refunds?

      No refunds because BitFundza is a donations platform where members willingly and freely donate to each other and BitFundza has no control over the donations and transfers between members.

    • What does the “Due date” mean in the Back Office?

      It means, that your next Bitcoin Donation for that level is due. You can receive Bitcoin Donations, on up to 5 levels at a time.

      Each level you upgrade to has to be renewed every 30 days, if you want to keep building residual Bitcoin every month.

      You can only receive Bitcoin Donations on levels you have upgraded. If someone sends you Bitcoin Donations on a level, you have not upgraded, the donation will be passed up to the person or organization above you that is qualified on that level.

    • Do I only upgrade to the next level after 1 calendar month?

      You should upgrade, as soon as you have enough donations for the next level, so you do not miss out on Bitcoin Donations from your downline on any ofyour 5 BitFundZa donation levels.

    • Why did I miss a Bitcoin Donation?

      If a member in your downline, upgrades to a level higher than the one you have, their Bitcoin Donation will be allocated to an upline member who is alreadyqualified at that Bitcoin Donation Level. Thus, their Bitcoin Donation will not reach you, since you had not upgraded to that Bitcoin Donation Level prior to their upgrade.

    • Do I have to donate every month, to keep building residual Bitcoin?

      Yes, you renew your subscriptions for each Bitcoin Donation Level monthly and you shall receive the donations from your downline every month too.

    • Where do I find transaction Hash ID?

      Go to then go to the search bar on the page and paste the wallet address, you just donated to.

      The page will show you the last transaction, which should be yours and its hash ID is listed there. You can find more about this, on our Tutorials Page.

    • How long do I have to wait for my transaction to be recognized and confirmed by the system?

      The amount of time for completion of Bitcoin Transactions, can vary from a few minutes, to hours sometimes, so do not be alarmed, if you need to waitfor a while on some occasions.

      It is common for the Bitcoin Blockchain to receive thousands of transactions every hour and to take longer to receive the confirmations.

    • Why does the system say, "Hash ID already used" when I submit my Hash ID?

      Refresh the upgrade page and check if you are upgraded to the desired level and also, make sure you only use wallets, for all transactions in BitFundZa.